What We Do...

At Yorkshire, we serve public authorities and global industry leaders on a multi-level magnitude; helping them to deploy, equip, operate and optimize their internal and external organizational infrastructure. We also support our partners throughout their projects’ life cycle, from inception and implementation to post-execution maintenance. Thanks to an exceptionally dense and diverse network of business units and business partners operating in North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

Our group of companies and business partners execute their projects through various partnership models – whether by providing direct services for clients, in both public and private sectors, or under various contractual arrangements – through various multi-national public-private partnership contract models.

  • Global Expansion
  • Real Estate
  • Technology Management
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Publishing & Public Relations
  • Asset Management
  • Foreign Aid Management

Global Expansion Services

Yorkshire Global Expansion & Advisory Services unit advises partners on the details of engaging in a successful expansion, strategic investing, relocation or consolidation of global operations.

Foreign Investment Opportunities & Strategies

At Yorkshire, we implement international investing strategies involving the selection of premium global investment instruments - stocks, bonds, real estate, and infrastructure - as part of our economy-based investment portfolio. Our partners greatly invest internationally to broaden portfolio diversification and spread investment risk among foreign markets and sectors.

Global Entity Establishment

At Yorkshire, we provide highly efficient entity establishment, administration and support services for organizations expanding into new markets and locations. As a trusted partner and advisor, we consult with you to determine and overcome challenges, and the intricacies of managing and growing a global workforce. We will help empower your organization to put in place programs that are aligned with your corporate culture and strategic goals.

International Consulting

At Yorkshire, our global team of strategists is committed to helping our partners gain the necessary advantage by working alongside them to solve their toughest problems and avail the greatest opportunities.

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We advise our partners - L.E.C's, Multi-national & governments - on global expansion, consolidation and international trade growth. We specialize in: International Strategy Assessment, Location Analysis, Operating Model Design, Infrastructure, Design & development, Project Implementation, and Project Management

Real Estate Investment & Development

At Yorkshire, we heavily invest in global real estate, specializing in the acquisition and development of residential, commercial, healthcare and retail properties.

Global Portfolio

We own and manage an extensive real estate portfolio, encompassing a diverse range of properties, including single-family homes, multi-building low-rise condominium developments, medical office buildings, and gated communities.

Our global residential and commercial real estate portfolio of properties exceeds 15 million square feet.

We maintain excellent relationships with global, regional and local financial institutions, banks and have the ability to deploy funds for acquisitions and development on an expedited basis. For projects that require specialized expertise or added financial strength, Yorkshire has access to major global equity and strategic partners.

Partners & Clients

At Yorkshire, we have collaborated with leading global partners to provide our expertise in the real estate sector to a diverse range of entities, including Fortune 1000 companies, REITs, funds, and local and state governmental agencies. Our proven track record of success is founded on a resource-focused and goal-driven approach, leveraging performance excellence in high-growth environments. This is achieved through meticulous attention to detail in setting priorities, objectives, timetables, and deadlines, ensuring optimal outcomes for our clients.

Enterprise Turnaround Solutions

We at Yorkshire believe that any business can be turned around when professional practices are implemented and operations are discarded from emotional biases.

Whether enterprise distress is growing or growth is becoming unsustainable, an alliance with Yorkshire can deliver a full-spectrum of benefits; from the implementation of strategic business practices to ensuring profitability and growth.

Yorkshire Enterprise Turnaround Solutions include:

Corporate Re-Branding

Technology Implementation

Foundations Design & Implementation

Digital Transformation

Financial Analysis

Sales & Marketing

Profit Modeling

Enterprise Debt Elimination

Operation Re-Structuring

Project Consultancy

At Yorkshire, we offer a wide range of project management and consultancy services.

We offer a broad spectrum of project management and consultancy services to our partners, catering to their needs both domestically within the United States and internationally. We specialize in assisting our partners with a diverse range of projects, ranging from contract-based initiatives to in-house or outsourced project management collaborations. Our services encompass every stage of the project, from initiation to completion, and we are committed to providing exceptional support to our clients. Our project management and consultancy services include..

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Project Planning

Even for seasoned and experienced teams, planning a project can be extremely difficult. This project stage is critical to project success and requires careful input of resources and project management plans.

Our project planning service enables our partner’s fast-tracking of the project planning stage and guides project management teams in preparing a complete project management plan.

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Program Management

We provide project and Program Management services nationally and internationally. At Yorkshire, we assist our partners in finding opportunities in domains like Information Technology, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device Business, Real Estate Management, and Construction.

Our experienced teams can assist with Program Management and Project Management needs in general, or in specific areas of projects.

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Project Cost & Schedule Analysis

Our Project Cost and Schedule Analysis services manage projects on behalf of our partners, ensuring that it achieves cost and schedule obligations and successful completion. This service is custom-tailored to meet organizations or project needs on a global scale.

Whether its project costing, scheduling, analysis or corrective/preventative actions to bring project budget and schedule back to the baseline; Yorkshire’s experienced project management team can help.

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Project Recovery

At Yorkshire, we provide Project Recovery Services which provide solutions to recovering failing and rundown projects on our partners’ behalf.

Our project managers determine what corrective actions are required to bring the project back in line with the original cost and schedule.

This is a dynamic service that varies from project to project depending on the precise requirements.

Yorkshire’s Project Recovery services can assist our partners in the recovery of failed or doomed projects and direct the project back to the original baseline.

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Project Management Outsourcing

Outsourcing has become increasingly popular as a means to manage various aspects of any complex project, without the costly resources associated with deploying in-house teams.

Our Project Management Outsourcing service supplies Project Management Professional (PMP) certified project managers to your organizations to project manage your projects.

We tailor our services to meet various demands and can deploy our experienced staff to ensure a hands-on approach.

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Project Management Office Setup

Some large organizations benefit from the use of local or international Project Management Offices (PMO’s). If the organization requires a Project Management Office to be set up, we at Yorkshire assist in the preparation of a complete PMO system, while providing Project Management Tools, advice and knowledge.

We also assist in providing reviews and recommendations as to whether a PMO would suit an organization without sacrificing efficiency and the increased cost.

Global Publishing & Public Relations

Global Publishing and Public Relations is one of the largest and the fastest growing units of Yorkshire.

Media, Fashion, News & Digital Publishing

With an average annual increase of 30%-50% subscriber base, Global Publishing and Public Relations is one of the largest and the fastest growing units of Yorkshire Holdings. We publish market-leading digital magazines and newspapers for global marketing, technology, media, healthcare, motorsports enthusiasts and executives. 

We also assist in managing and marketing global news publishing and public relations on our partners’ behalf.

Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management and Public Relations are two of the fastest growing units of our Global Holdings.

Real Estate, Equities, Technology, Commodities & Start-ups

For our global partners, clients, and communities we work with!

At Yorkshire, we provides a range of consulting services in Enterprise Asset Management that assist our partners in efficiently tracking financial, contractual, and inventory details of key corporate and virtual infrastructure, in addition to non-IT assets. Our comprehensive solutions help streamline business processes, increase productivity, and enhance operational efficiency.

We empower our partners to digitally manage their global assets and asset management activities – from tracking, resource scheduling, maintenance, repair, to reporting, auditing, and remote disposition. We invite you to contact us to discover how our expertise can help optimize your asset management strategies.

Foreign Aid Assistance & Management

One of the core areas of competency at Yorkshire Holdings, where we assist, monitor, and manage foreign aid for our partners globally.

The United States & Foreign Aid Assistance


The United States is responsible for providing foreign aid assistance of various kinds to at least 95% of the countries around the globe, however, a far smaller number of countries receive any substantial aid in terms of finances spent. For U.S. taxpayers, the cost of foreign aid amounts to a staggering average of $38 billion-plus per year, or in other words, around $3.5 million/hour. Foreign aid is not the only kind of foreign assistance, but it might be the most known and controversial.

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Foreign Aid & Corruption


There’s a history of factors involving foreign aid initiative and the corruption around it. Since the inception of the International Development Association (IDA) in 1960, a large number of articles have emerged on the cumulative effects of corruption that undermines the effectiveness of foreign aid. To improve the development impact of foreign aid, the international development community has taken a firm stance against these actions, and this is where Yorkshire plays its unparalleled role.

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Foreign Aid Assistance & Yorkshire


At Yorkshire, we have a proven track record of collaborating with leading global organizations in managing foreign aid assistance programs in developing countries. Our approach is direct and proactive, aimed at resolving critical issues such as water crisis, low-cost housing, infrastructure, and environmental reforms that may have previously taken decades to address. Our services extend beyond mere consultation and advisory, as we specialize in implementation, monitoring, and audit of global projects supported by U.S. foreign aid assistance.

Contact us today to learn more about how our expertise can help your organization achieve its philanthropic objectives in developing countries.

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Entrepreneurship & Developing World


Yorkshire has a track record of harnessing the power of entrepreneurship in developing countries to lift themselves out of poverty and create employment in their local communities. As a global organization operating in 4 continents, we work with entrepreneurs in the developing world to build competitive businesses, infrastructure, and industries. By connecting inspiring entrepreneurs to the latest information, trends, technology, capital, and global markets, we’ve helped thousands to create everlasting prosperity for their families and local communities.

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