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It's All About You...

Yorkshire is not just another holding company, we are the ones with a vision, a plan, and a will to see it all through. 

Dedicated to meeting the needs of everything from the individual to corporations and governments, Yorkshire looks to connect the global markets by scaling ideas, inventions, and dreams, giving them the opportunity to grow into their full potential.


At Yorkshire, ours is a vision of diversity and variety, and while our businesses, brands, products, and services have evolved over the years, our vision remains the same: To create value in everything we do!


To generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for our partners across various global industries, helping them grow into their full potential, and to enjoy a long, lasting, and fruitful partnership.


At Yorkshire, ours is an approach to direct involvement. Our direct involvement efforts focus on long-term partnerships with global industry leaders and promising businesses and brands in industries rich with opportunity. We provide our services to a diverse group, servicing individuals, institutions, corporate bodies, and governments from various industries all over the world.


Our Global Presence!

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We've helped more than 80 partners expand their businesses globally.

Board of Directors & Management

Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Raza H. Qadri (Ali)

Raza H. Qadri (Ali) is the Founder of Yorkshire Global Holdings Inc., where he serves as the Chairman of the Board and CEO.

In his role, Ali steers Yorkshire’s executive team by charting the organization’s overarching direction and devising long-term investment goals and strategies. This mandate entails close collaboration with the Board of Directors, the management team, and strategic partners.

In 2009, antecedent to commencing his involvement with Yorkshire, Ali co-founded WheelHealthcare, the first globle telehealth provider. Ali subsequently held the dual positions of Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the board of directors at WheelHealthcare from 2010 until its acquisition in 2015.

Chief Operating Officer and Director

H. M. Malik

Ms. Malik is Chief Operating Officer at Yorkshire Global Holdings, overseeing the firm’s business operations. She also serves on Yorkshire’s Board of Directors.

Prior to joining the company, Ms. Malik was Executive Vice President of global sales and operations at HealthNet Plus, Chief Operating Officer of Melrich Pharmacuticals, a Management Consultant with WheelHealthcare, and a Director at CanAm Healthcare.

Ms. Malik holds a B.S. in Accounting and Business Administration from the UCLA (USA).

Chief Technology Officer and Director

Jonathan J. Elf (John)

Mr. Elf is Chief Technology Officer at Yorkshire Global Holdings, overseeing the firm’s global technology operations. He also serves on Yorkshire’s Board of Directors.

Prior to joining the company, John was Executive Vice President of global marketing and operations at WHC Healthcare, Chief Operating Officer of GYPO Technologies, and Management Consultant with Voice Digital Group.

John holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the UCLA (USA).